Monday, October 15, 2012

Salmon Fishing - Pulaski, NY

We went salmon fishing in Salmon River of upstate New York last Saturday and Sunday.

There were not many salmons in the River.
One of  the two fly fishing only sections where we always fish, was closed.
As a result, fishing became very tough.

My wife got a few bites and hooked one, but failed to land it.
I also got a few bites and barely landed one.  I would admit it was pure luck.
What happened was someone upstream hooked a nice size salmon. He fought with the fish for several minutes, but the fish was finally off-hooked. It swam to the spot where I was fishing.
I hooked it in just a few casts and landed it.

We go to Salmon River in Pulaski every fall.
We always have fun and exciting moments in the whole salmon fishing experience.
However, this year was the least fun we have ever had.  In Sunday morning, we even felt miserable fishing in the non-stop pouring rain.
Let's hope for the better next year.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Breezy Point

My trout fishing season is over at the West Branch of the Delaware.
I have been to Breezy Point a few times and haven't got any decent fish yet.
Yesterday I was at Breezy Point jetty, a fisherman told me there was "a bunch of albee" around earlier.
But I only caught some sea robins.

The October insanity of Montauk seems slowing down.
The stripers have begun heading west.
I am looking forward to the arrival of the fall run here.