Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in the Amawalk Outlet - the beginning of autumn

When we left home for the Amawalk Outlet yesterday morning, the rain had already started.  It was on-again and off-again all the way.
Once we got there, it stopped.  The weather turned out to be fine, a pleasant day for fishing.

Yesterday for my tenkara line, I cut a length (same length as the tenkara rod) of my salt water shooting line - the Airflo Miracle Floating Shooting Braid.

In the last couple of times, I had tried the fluorocarbon level line. I got frustrated sometimes because it was difficult to maneuver in this small stream with many tree branches hanging over it.

The braided shooting line is preferred in this stream for it is easy to handle.  I just enjoy fishing with it.


Autumn color has started to show.  The official fishing season in Amawalk Outlet will end in 9 days.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tenkara and Fly Rod Fishing in the Amawalk Outlet, New York

We spent a whole day fishing in the Amawalk Outlet again yesterday.

Most of the time this season I have used tenkara rods.  Now the season is almost over, and I'd like to see what the different fishing experiences are between a tenkara and a fly rod, so I used a fly rod yesterday.

My wife did it again!  She caught a 14-inch and several good size browns with a tenkara rod.
She enjoys tenkara fishing with its simplicity..

With my fly rod yesterday, I caught more fishes than last week because I could cast farther distance in some pools. I had a such a good time.

Tenkara and fly rod fishing have advantages and disadvantages.  It is their advantages that appeal to fishermen and are part of their characters, so I think a comparison is not really meaningful. Both give fishermen the joy of fishing.

 I'll back to tenkara fishing next time. It is still new to me and I will enjoy the challenge.

Here is a video of my wife tenkara fishing .                        

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in the Amawalk Outlet -- Cormorant

We fished in the Amawalk Outlet yesterday and it was my wife's turn to have her day.
We started fishing upstream from the Wood St bridge.
She immediately caught a close to 14-inch brown.

A man-made waterfall upstream stands out in this small peaceful stream.
The pool looks promising to hold big fish, but we didn't catch any.   

In the evening we fished downstream.
When I was walking further downstream from my wife, suddenly I saw a large black bird diving into the water just a little away from her.  It looked like a cormorant.
Continuing walking downstream, I saw it again.  It was riding on the rapid water and passing by me.
This stretch of the stream looks nice.  But I got only one chance and failed to net it.
My wife, fishing further upstream, caught several small browns.
I wander if this fishing bird (my competitor) scared the fish away in this stretch of water.

It is my first time seeing a cormorant in a small stream like this.
I see these birds all the time along the sea shore.
They are a good sign for striper fishing because their presence also indicates the presence of bait fish which stripers are after.
A cormorant in a small stream is a different story.
How can a fisherman compete with it?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in the Farmington River, CT(Ⅱ)

We went to the Farmington River again yesterday.
We fished in several places in the upper section of the river, but we didn't catch any until evening when we went to the Church Pool as our last hope without getting skunked.
Fish are always rising in the Church Pool in the evening even when other pools are quiet, though most of the fish are small.
We caught one brown each.
Mine was a beautiful 16+ inches which was the largest trout I ever caught with a tenkara rod.

I casted my largest elk wing caddis when it was getting dark and I started losing hope of catching any fish.
Then suddenly a fish took my fly with a splash.  I had quite a battle with this fish until I finally netted it.  
I always want to experience catching a large fish with a tenkara rod. Here in Farmington River, I got the chance to catch a good size one at last.
Most of  the upper section of the River below the dam is inside CT state park - People's State Park.
Fishermen (lure/fly) of all levels can enjoy fishing here because of the park's easy access.  They can find varieties of water to suit their fishing levels.  
The Park is well maintained and provides convenient facilities such as large parking lots, picnic tables, barbecue grills and clean toilets.  There is also a camp ground.
People can enjoy hiking, cycling, canoeing and tubing etc, here.  It is a very nice park.