Monday, September 16, 2013

Tenkara and Fly Rod Fishing in the Amawalk Outlet, New York

We spent a whole day fishing in the Amawalk Outlet again yesterday.

Most of the time this season I have used tenkara rods.  Now the season is almost over, and I'd like to see what the different fishing experiences are between a tenkara and a fly rod, so I used a fly rod yesterday.

My wife did it again!  She caught a 14-inch and several good size browns with a tenkara rod.
She enjoys tenkara fishing with its simplicity..

With my fly rod yesterday, I caught more fishes than last week because I could cast farther distance in some pools. I had a such a good time.

Tenkara and fly rod fishing have advantages and disadvantages.  It is their advantages that appeal to fishermen and are part of their characters, so I think a comparison is not really meaningful. Both give fishermen the joy of fishing.

 I'll back to tenkara fishing next time. It is still new to me and I will enjoy the challenge.

Here is a video of my wife tenkara fishing .                        

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