Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in the Amawalk Outlet - the beginning of autumn

When we left home for the Amawalk Outlet yesterday morning, the rain had already started.  It was on-again and off-again all the way.
Once we got there, it stopped.  The weather turned out to be fine, a pleasant day for fishing.

Yesterday for my tenkara line, I cut a length (same length as the tenkara rod) of my salt water shooting line - the Airflo Miracle Floating Shooting Braid.

In the last couple of times, I had tried the fluorocarbon level line. I got frustrated sometimes because it was difficult to maneuver in this small stream with many tree branches hanging over it.

The braided shooting line is preferred in this stream for it is easy to handle.  I just enjoy fishing with it.


Autumn color has started to show.  The official fishing season in Amawalk Outlet will end in 9 days.


  1. Hello Nigory. Wonderful blog and beautiful photos! I was thinking of hitting up the Amawalk before it closes. Do you have any recommendations for flies/nymphs that work well there? Thanks!

  2. Hi Stan W, Thanks for your comment. From my experience, fish there are not choosy. Any fly with good floating and visibility should work, such as elk wing caddis and parachute flies, or some simple soft hackle tenkara flies. Tight line.