Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in the Farmington River, CT(Ⅱ)

We went to the Farmington River again yesterday.
We fished in several places in the upper section of the river, but we didn't catch any until evening when we went to the Church Pool as our last hope without getting skunked.
Fish are always rising in the Church Pool in the evening even when other pools are quiet, though most of the fish are small.
We caught one brown each.
Mine was a beautiful 16+ inches which was the largest trout I ever caught with a tenkara rod.

I casted my largest elk wing caddis when it was getting dark and I started losing hope of catching any fish.
Then suddenly a fish took my fly with a splash.  I had quite a battle with this fish until I finally netted it.  
I always want to experience catching a large fish with a tenkara rod. Here in Farmington River, I got the chance to catch a good size one at last.
Most of  the upper section of the River below the dam is inside CT state park - People's State Park.
Fishermen (lure/fly) of all levels can enjoy fishing here because of the park's easy access.  They can find varieties of water to suit their fishing levels.  
The Park is well maintained and provides convenient facilities such as large parking lots, picnic tables, barbecue grills and clean toilets.  There is also a camp ground.
People can enjoy hiking, cycling, canoeing and tubing etc, here.  It is a very nice park.

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