Sunday, December 9, 2012

Little Neck Bay (III)

I fished at the Bay again early this morning and caught several schoolies.
They were all small.
I felt I had gotten enough of them.

I usually don't reel the line when a fish is hooked.
I continue stripping the line and land the fish, especially a small one.
I cannot reel in the fish because when the fish is hooked, usually at that time the long running line has already piled up in the stripping basket.
If the hooked fish is big and strong enough to pull all the running line from the stripping basket, then I can use the reel.  But it seldom happens.
Most of the time I strip the line to bring the fish in as if the fish and I were playing the "tug of war".




Saturday, December 8, 2012

Little Neck Bay (II)

This afternoon I fished the Little Neck Bay again till dark and had another productive day.
I caught several schoolies but also missed several.
Many times the strike came when I had striped all the running line and was raising the rod to pick up the shooting line.
It seemed like the fish was waiting for my fly just right in front of me.

I probably can enjoy more fishing in the Bay before the end of the season finally comes.
How nice!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little Neck Bay

I want to fish the south shore of Long Island before the striper season ends.
The West End of Jones Beach is one of the few public areas open for fishing after Hurricane Sandy.
So yesterday I went there, but I was skunked.
I felt that was it, the end of my striper fishing season.

Today was warm and nice.
So I went to the closest fishing spot from my home,  Little Neck Bay, without much expectation.
The bay is a famous fishing spot for early spring striper, but not for other season.
I figured that I would be happy just to practice spey casting, overhead casting, etc with my long spey rod.
As it turned out, today was quite a productive fishing day.
I landed two schoolies.

Oh boy!  The season has not yet ended.