Saturday, December 21, 2013

Monmouth Beach, NJ

I fished in Monmouth Beach from 6 to 10 this morning.

According to Surfline forecast, surf height at 7 am today would be 1-2 feet in Sandy Hook, 2-3 feet in Monmouth Beach, 3-4 feet in Island Beach State Park. Surf height of 2-3 feet might create nice white water and still be manageable to handle the fly line in the surf. I really wanted to go back to IBSP for such a beautiful place, but 3-4 feet surf height seemed a little too much for me, especially with the incoming tide. 
So I decided to go to Monmouth Beach.

I fished for a couple of hours, but nothing happened.
Then I moved onto the jetty and caught a small one right away. I got one more hooking, but failed to land it.

As the striper season is ending, I am running out of chance to catch a keeper size.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rough Surf in Sandy Hook, NJ

I hit the Sandy Hook surf again (nobody there) yesterday morning from 7 till 11.
The surf was very rough and stained. I couldn't make a descent line retrieval as incoming wave kept pushing the line right away.
Gradually when the outgoing tide got going, the retrieval became more manageable.
Birds were busily flying back and forth beyond the first break and above the big wave, but I couldn't figure out if they were looking for food or what.
Anyway I didn't even get a bump.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Many Schoolies in Sandy Hook, NJ

In the web some fishing reports about Sandy Hook state that many schoolies are in the surf now.
So I fished there again this morning from 6 till 9, and I caught three shoolies with the sand eel flies. They were small but very fat. I also got many bites.
The spin fishermen around me probably caught many more fish than I did.

As a note:  During the low tide in the early morning, a lot of white water was created by the wave.  I caught the three schoolies and experienced many bites in this white water.
But as the incoming tide advanced, the wave didn't make much white water anymore, and the action gradually died down.  

                                           I am happy with the catch today.  The striper season hasn't end for me yet.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Point at Sandy Hook Was Closed.

Yesterday was warmer than the past several days, so I went to Sandy Hook, NJ, and hoped to fish the last school of migrating stripers.
As the sign on the left showed:  the Point was fenced off for maintenance dredging.  The east corner of the Point was where I mostly wanted to fish. This trip ended up as a casting practice.

I am still waiting for more good fishing reports from NJ shore.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Island Beach State Park, NJ - The surf fishing season almost ends.

On the web I saw good fishing reports of Island Beach State Park, NJ last week.  So I decided to go there in the early Saturday morning before the arrival of the really cold weather.

I caught a shad, but I didn't catch any striper, neither did fishermen around me.
I guessed either most of the fish had already gone or they didn't come to the beach last Saturday.
I got another chance - a strong strike, but I missed the fish only a moment later.
The sand eel fly went with the fish when the blood knot of the tippet had come loose.  I probably did not tie the knot securely enough in the early morning as my fingers were numbed by the cold wind.  

Later I thought about the miss.  After casting, I wasn't able to start stripping the line right away because I had to free the end of the running line which became tangled on the butt grip of my two-handed rod.  Because of the delay in stripping, the fly sank deeper.  When I started stripping the line, the strike came.  It makes me realize that in some cases, even in surf fishing, I should do a countdown for the fly to reach a certain depth of the water, rather than starting to strip immediately after casting, even though delayed stripping can cause real trouble:  the incoming wave can push the line toward the shore and create an irretrievable slack line. It is difficult to control the sinking depth of the fly in the surf by countdown, but it is worth trying.
I have surf fished in the ocean side of the beach several times since the stripper run started.
Although I caught only one schoolie, I become used to fish in the ocean side and learn something about it.
I hope to do better next season.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Early Morning in Robert Moses, Long Island


I fished at Robert Moses both days this weekend when the high tide came in the morning.
Saturday morning was supposed to be the best fishing condition for fly fishermen - a gentle breeze, no higher than 2 feet of surf and a lot of white water.
I didn't catch any, though some spin fishermen around me caught some schoolies.


I started a little earlier this morning.
There was some east wind but no much surf.
I caught a schoolie with a night sand eel fly in the wash before dawn.

I wish fish would be still here next weekend.

I stopped by Captree. It seems every Sunday proud car owners show off their customized cars in the party boat pier parking lot. Some even open the hoods to let people look into the engines.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Little Neck Bay, NY and New Jersey Shore


I fished the Little Neck Bay on Saturday and the New Jersey Shore on Sunday.

In Little Neck Bay, I caught one schoolie to end my skunked streak.


In the early Sunday morning, I fished in Monmouth Beach. The surf was quite flat - Nada!
Later I went to the Sandy Hook Point.
Only some shads welcomed me.

The striper season will end soon.
I wish I could finally have a memory of a good catch for the long off season.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Surf Fly Fishing - Facing the Ocean(Ⅱ)

I fished in Robert Moses in today's early morning and later in Sunken Meadow.
I haven't produced anything yet.
This was my third time trying to fish on the ocean side of Robert Moses.
Today's surf was quite rough, but I got used to casting and retrieving the fly in the crashing waves.
It made me feel like I was actually surf fishing. I will try there again. However, I wish I could catch some fish before I start going to the Point of Sandy Hook, NJ where is my usual late season fishing spot.  

                               This small patch of grasses creates an oasis in the sand.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Surf Fly Fishing - Facing the Ocean

I went to Robert Moses and fished the ocean side for four hours around high tide.
No fish again!
I usually prefer fishing in calmer water on the bay side or inside of the bay.
But in this fall season, I am a little more adventurous and fish in the rough ocean beach surf to get some experiences.
It is a tougher environment to fish than in the calm water.
Let me see how I do next time.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Continue being Skunked in this Fall's Saltwater


I fished in three spots this weekend:  yesterday Robert Moses in the early morning and Sunken Meadow at noon, Jamaica Bay Inlet in today's morning - all skunked.
I haven't caught any decent fish yet since this fall saltwater fishing started.
This is the reality of surf fly fishing for me. I would say the probability of catching any fish is average one in fifth outing.  Though it looks unproductive, the total experience of surf fly fishing including preparation (tying, research, planning and practice etc), fills me up with excitement even more.

Camping surf fishermen in Robert Moses State Park

Monday, October 14, 2013

Salmon Fishing - Pulaski, NY 2013

As our autumn ritual, we went salmon fishing last weekend in the Salmon River.
Playing tug-of-war with this powerful fish gives us a lot of fun and excitement.
Unlike trout fly fishing, it is not quite demanding on us regarding to skill, knowledge or tactics etc., though we need to be in good spots.

This year we were fortunate that the river condition and the weather were very good.
Plenty of salmons were in the river. Somewhat mysterious to us, we saw almost all salmons caught were kings. In past years, we saw mix of silvers and kings.
We had many chances to fight with the fish and landed some nice kings.
We really enjoyed catching these enormous fighters under this year's summer like weather.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shawangunk Mountains and the Catskills Mountain Streams

We drove along Route 55 in Showangunk Mountains area to the Catskills.  We stopped by Minnewaska State Park to enjoy the nice fall foliage scenery which was in full swing.

Awosting Falls

                                                               Lake Minnewaska


                                                            Rainbow reflection on Lake Minnewaska

We were pleased to see the beautiful Catskills mountain streams in autumn, and we caught several brookies and browns.
It would probably be our last tenkara fishing trip to the Catskills to end the season.