Sunday, October 20, 2013

Continue being Skunked in this Fall's Saltwater


I fished in three spots this weekend:  yesterday Robert Moses in the early morning and Sunken Meadow at noon, Jamaica Bay Inlet in today's morning - all skunked.
I haven't caught any decent fish yet since this fall saltwater fishing started.
This is the reality of surf fly fishing for me. I would say the probability of catching any fish is average one in fifth outing.  Though it looks unproductive, the total experience of surf fly fishing including preparation (tying, research, planning and practice etc), fills me up with excitement even more.

Camping surf fishermen in Robert Moses State Park


  1. Fall run has been the same for me, surprised I didn't bump into you at RM yesterday AM, was out there myself. Not much going on.

  2. Hi, I fished around Democrat Point mostly on the ocean side yesterday. I can easily be found with the longest rod among fishermen in anywhere! I have great expectation of fishing in NJ later this season.