Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Neck Bay 2013(Ⅲ) They are here !

I fished the Bay for 3 hours this afternoon.
It was still quite chilly.
As the northwest wind made some waves in the Bay, the water became murky.
I saw only one lure fisherman.

When I started to wonder the striper's presence, I hooked one but failed to land it.
Now the stripers are finally and surely here.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Neck Bay 2013 (Ⅱ) Icy Water

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
I started fishing around 9:00 am at the back of the Bay.
There was only a slight breeze, so the surface of the water was as flat as a calm lake.
As it was an incoming tide, the water slowly moved toward the back of the Bay.
I was casting the fly with a hopeful mood. Then I saw something like spilled oil coming around me and it hit my legs with a cracking sound.

It was a huge, thin layer of ice drifting from somewhere. It didn't break into pieces because the water was so calm.
This layer of ice on the water surface was not a good sign.  My heart sank.
The water temperature was colder than I thought.
But I continue casting till my body was totally frozen from top to bottom.
No luck!

The tidal timings of this week are not convenient for me. I have to wait till the weekend to try again.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Neck Bay 2013

I have just started the new saltwater season in Little Neck Bay this weekend.
I didn't have any luck.
I guess it was still a bit cold.  However, I enjoyed casting the flies and swinging the rod after a couple months of hibernation.

I didn't see any fisherman except a lure fisherman passing by me when I was walking to the parking lot while he was heading to the back of the Bay.
He said to me, "They are here!!"
I am not sure of it. But I am sure the striper season will be in full swing next week.

 Somebody  left a curious piece of art work by the Bay.