Saturday, December 21, 2013

Monmouth Beach, NJ

I fished in Monmouth Beach from 6 to 10 this morning.

According to Surfline forecast, surf height at 7 am today would be 1-2 feet in Sandy Hook, 2-3 feet in Monmouth Beach, 3-4 feet in Island Beach State Park. Surf height of 2-3 feet might create nice white water and still be manageable to handle the fly line in the surf. I really wanted to go back to IBSP for such a beautiful place, but 3-4 feet surf height seemed a little too much for me, especially with the incoming tide. 
So I decided to go to Monmouth Beach.

I fished for a couple of hours, but nothing happened.
Then I moved onto the jetty and caught a small one right away. I got one more hooking, but failed to land it.

As the striper season is ending, I am running out of chance to catch a keeper size.

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