Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tenkara Fishing In Amawalk Outlet and the Croton East Branch(Ⅱ)Monster-size Walleye

My wife and I fished the Amawalk Outlet and Croton East Branch yesterday.
We fished only a short section in the downstream from Wood Street bridge in Amawalk Outlet.
The stream flow and water temperature are good even in summer.
It seems each pockets of water hold a fish or two, though most of them are tiny.
We failed to hook many, but we caught a few small brown trouts.
This stream has plenty of small fish and is beautiful.  It is surrounded by many tall trees.

In the late afternoon, we went to the Croton East Branch.
I caught one brown trout . It seemed yesterday the trouts were in hiding  although the water temperature and the flow were okay.

A spin fisherman, fishing some distances from my wife upstream, caught a monster-size fish with his minnow lure.
He told my wife it was a walleye and the largest one he had ever caught in the East Branch.  My wife took some pictures and scaled it at least 27 inches long, 6-7 lbs.
When I saw the fish in the pictures, I was really amazed by its size. I have never seen such a big fish there except carps, and I have fished there over 20 years.
Just a thought:  This monster-size walleye probably ate a lot of trouts.  Thanks to Walter, it is gone!


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