Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in the Farmington River, CT

We fished in the Farmington River, CT yesterday.
As summer is advancing, the condition of most streams in the Croton Watershed has become not so good for fishing.
Then Farmington River has come to my mind.  Why shall we not fish in the Farmington with tenkara rods?
We used to go fly fishing there quite often and had a good time, even in hot summer days.
The water was cooler than the water in the Croton Watershed, and there were an abundant of insect hatches.

I tried to fish the section of water between the Hogback Dam and the Beaver Pool, which is the first major pool downstream from the Dam. This section consists of mostly rapid and riffle with a lot of large stones which make good pockets of water.  So it might be a great place for tenkara fishing.  Many brookies are supposed to be there too.

In this section, a lot of tree branches hang over the bank.  It caused big problem for casting near the bank, so I had to wade to the middle, but wading was difficult because of the large volume of fast water.

The flow of Farmington was more than usual and the water temperature was higher than what we had experienced in past summers.

I will try this section again when the condition is better.

We fished some other rapid in the downriver, and I managed to catch  a few fish.

We had a great expectation of good fishing in the Farmington yesterday.
Let's hope for a better day next time.

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