Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in the Amawalk Outlet -- Cormorant

We fished in the Amawalk Outlet yesterday and it was my wife's turn to have her day.
We started fishing upstream from the Wood St bridge.
She immediately caught a close to 14-inch brown.

A man-made waterfall upstream stands out in this small peaceful stream.
The pool looks promising to hold big fish, but we didn't catch any.   

In the evening we fished downstream.
When I was walking further downstream from my wife, suddenly I saw a large black bird diving into the water just a little away from her.  It looked like a cormorant.
Continuing walking downstream, I saw it again.  It was riding on the rapid water and passing by me.
This stretch of the stream looks nice.  But I got only one chance and failed to net it.
My wife, fishing further upstream, caught several small browns.
I wander if this fishing bird (my competitor) scared the fish away in this stretch of water.

It is my first time seeing a cormorant in a small stream like this.
I see these birds all the time along the sea shore.
They are a good sign for striper fishing because their presence also indicates the presence of bait fish which stripers are after.
A cormorant in a small stream is a different story.
How can a fisherman compete with it?

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