Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring Saltwater Fishing 2015

Like previous years, I started the new season of saltwater fishing in Little Neck Bay.
In the beginnings, I didn't catch any fish until the evening of April 25, I caught as many as 10 schoolies.
This catch provided me more than enough to enjoy the first action of the salt in the Bay, so I moved on to other places.

I tried Breezy Point a few times without any action. But the change came last Saturday morning when I got many bites and landed several bluefish,
Surely I went back to fish in the evening and the following two evenings.
I had a lot of fun with the good fights put up by the bluefish each evening.
Other fishermen also say the bluefish is now in everywhere!



The saltwater fishing of last fall was suck. There wasn't much to report.
Last weekend's invasion of the bluefish was the savior of my spring saltwater fishing.
I wish this good fortune would continue.

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