Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trico, Black Caddis and tiny BWO - the East Branch of the Croton River

We went to the East Branch again last Sunday morning to fish the Trico hatches.
In this morning there were more other bugs, besides Trico, than last week.
Especially a lot of Black Caddis were flying just above the water.
We were able to use similar flies to catch some fish.  It is fun to catch fish with Caddis flies because for the past few weeks we have been using tiny flies (midge and BWO).
When Black Caddis had gone, we fished with Trico Spinner flies.

In the afternoon we fished under the bridge at the junction of Brewster's East Main Street and Route 22.
Fish was eating really small BWO mayfly. My smallest imitation was #26.
These trouts couldn't be easily fooled by #26 and 7X.
We were kind of frustrated.  
I think I will try to tie the #26 BWO with less material to make it low profile instead of tying with smaller hook.

Trico Spinner
Blue Wing Olive Dun

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