Monday, August 27, 2012

End of Trico Season - the East Branch of the Croton River

                                                                                             Phoebe Hole                                                                                                                                   
It was the third time we fished the Trico hatch in Phoebe Hole last Saturday morning.
Though the presence of Trico and other bugs had become less,
we could catch some fish.
Obviously the Trico hatch season will be over soon.

We didn't experienced any exciting fishing these three times.
I wonder we might have more interesting fishing if we had come earlier for Trico dun.

Trestle Pool used to be a popular place for fishing Trico hatch, and I experienced such good fishing long ago, but we didn't see any Trico in Trestle Pool these three times.

Well, Trico season will be about end for us.    



  1. Hi Nigory, I enjoy your blog! I think I've rounded Phoebe Hole at least once or twice and have seen you two working hard there! We'll have to compare notes someday. I'm all nymph and dry dropper and I fish EBCR about once a month. My blog is Tight lines! Tom

  2. Hello Tom,
    I have read your blog. You have many interesting stories. I enjoy a lot. Maybe I'll see you in the stream next season.