Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fishing the West Branch of the Delaware River

I fished the West Branch of the Delaware River for five days last week.
The weather was good most of the days except the first day which had some scatter shower.
But it turned out to be the best day for fishing as fish was the most active.
As the days went, fish became less and less active, so did the insects.
I had to spend the whole day wandering around the River and searching for rising fish, and yet not much luck.

In the evening of the second day, by chance I found a spot in the middle of a huge pool where decent size fish came up every evening after other fishermen had left, and I was the only one staying behind.
This spot saved my days. I could catch 2 or 3 around 15-inch fish there in the last half to one hour before dark.
I caught most of the fish in this spot than any other places.
The largest fish I caught there was a 17-inch brown with my iso dun, and it was also the last fish of this trip.

 My extended foam body Isonychia Dun and Spinner Fly:

 I especially tied these large flies for this fishing trip.
 Iso is supposed to be in season now in the Upper
 Delaware River.
 It took me a lot of time to tie each of them. Imagine
 I had to tie several.
 The point of these files are:  they are unsinkable
 because of their foam bodies.
 I must say my effort was paid off by catching the        
17-inch brown, the largest fish of this trip.

 Delaware Isonychia Mayfly

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