Monday, November 19, 2012

Central North Shore, Long Island

Because of Hurricane Sandy,  my usual fishing spots in Gateway National Recreation Area: Jamaica Bay area, NY and Sandy Hook, NJ are closed.

Last weekend I went to find fishing spots in Central North Shore, LI and got a schoolie in one of the bays. I even missed a big one which broke my tippet. I must say I had an unexpected lucky day.

I wish those people who were devastated by Hurricane Sandy recover really soon, so do my fishing spots.


  1. Nice flies, came across your site recently. I also fly fish the Delaware and new york area and jersey for stripers. Is that yak hair on the flies? Good looking flies

    Long N

  2. Yes, it is yak hair, synthetics for tail and natural for body.

  3. Great looking pictures you took. I also saw one of your youtube videos. Great job on the East Branch! You also have a good looking blog. Checkout my blog one day when you have a chance you will see we fish similar areas. I am fairly new to fly fishing and i am always happy to find other blogs and sites that are doing good.

  4. Manny, Thanks for your nice comments.
    I enjoy your blog and videos too.