Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sandy Hook, NJ

I fished at the tip of Sandy Hook, NJ in Memorial Day weekend.
In the evening a seal appeared in the water. It wasn't afraid of fishermen and was swimming back and forth right in front of us, playing with the rolling water in the wash.
We, fishermen enjoyed this unexpected visitor, even though it bothered our fishing.
After entertaining us for awhile, the seal finally landed on the beach for a rest.

Although the seal gave me joy, I was disappointed at the day's fishing for I didn't catch any while many spin fishermen around me caught the bluefish.
Last year I visited Sandy Hook also around this time and caught many bluefishes.

I tried to figure out the reason of no catch.
I've been using the fast sinking poly leader recently because it makes my casting better.
I suspected the color of this leader, which is black, might cause alarm to the bluefish.
Some time ago I read an article about the bluefish being more sensitive than the striped bass.

I will change to use a clear long leader and see if my catch improving.                    

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