Monday, July 7, 2014

Exploring the Mountain Streams and Fishing the West Branch of the Delaware in the Catskills.

I plan to fish the head water of one of the legendary streams in the Catskills with a tenkara rod.
It flows in the public land.

Last Saturday morning I drove there and found out the road became private before it ended.  As I couldn't go any further, so I gave up fishing there.  In stead I went to the West Branch of the Delaware in the afternoon.

At first, I fished with a tenkara rod under the bridge in Hale Eddy, then I went to the Upper Game Land Pool and fished with a fly rod.

There were not many bugs or rising fish in the whole afternoon. When the sulfur started appearing in the late evening, I finally caught a 12-inch brown. It was the only fish I caught in this pool as I had waded for about 5 hours.

 Surely these were frustrated hours for me, but at the same time I was engrossed in the difficulty of this fishing.


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