Sunday, July 27, 2014

Exploring Mountain Streams and Fishing the West Branch of the Delaware in the Catskills ( lll )

I fished with a tenkara rod in the upper Willowemoc Creek in the state land and its branch, Fir Brook yesterday.
The lower part of Fir Brook has a long pubic fishing right bank. It is a very beautiful stream and looks like a spring creek. The photos above and below are Fir Brook.
Both streams are brookie water and easy to access.

In the evening I fished in the Upper Game Land Pool in the West Branch of the Delaware.

Last two times here I caught only two small fish.
So for these picky trouts, I added no hackle flies in my fly boxes.
I had several good experiences with these flies which saved my day while all other flies failed.
But I haven't tied this pattern for a long time since CDC becomes popular, and it beomes my favorite material.


The no hackle flies did save my day yesterday.
When fish started taking sulphur mayflies on the water, I caught a 17-inch brown with a #18 no hackle sulphur fly.
Later when darkness almost covered the river, I caught one more brown with a hackle wing isonyshia spinner fly, the largest fly in my fly boxes.

I was happy that the no hackle flies worked for these picky trouts.   I truly had a memorable day.


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