Saturday, February 9, 2013

Install Sic Rod Guides

Last season I found the stripping guide of my 10-weight 15-foot two-handed rod had a crack on the ceramic ring.
As a off-season project, I decide to replace all the guides.  I have used this rod in the saltwater for several years, so it is about time to get new guides.
After I had bought a 13-weight 16-foot rod two years ago, I intended to use the 15-foot one as a backup.  But I use the 15-foot quite often because the 16-foot is inconvenient in certain fishing area.

Sic guides are used on the tip top and stripping guides of the 16-foot rod, so I know Sic guides are strong and good.
During my research on rod guides in the internet, I come across some interesting conversations among surf casting fishermen who want to cast farther distance.
In one of the forums, a fisherman says he prefers Sic guides because he won't hear any noise when the line is running through the guides.  If other guides are used , he can hear noises.
I am kind of fascinated by how much these fishermen care about guides and the research they do to find better guides.     

I would say most fly fishermen are not so serious about their rod guides, myself included,
until I come across this site:
Of course some fly fishermen do know how rod guides can make a difference.

I want to have the experience of  a rod with all Sic guides because I do care a lot about the casting distance in surf fishing.

I have just finished replacing the guides of my 15-foot rod with all Sic guides.



  1. Hi there, Great blog. I recently found your blog while searching for striper on fly in the surf.
    Be in NJ or NY for a day in mid October and thinking about to try Montauk or somewhere in Long Island.
    Any advice, info would be very helpful. Thanks, K.

  2. Hello K,
    For me personally,fishing the striper in the surf with a fly rod is not so easy.
    There is no exaggeration to say that sometimes I fish striper in the surf for 10 days without any luck.
    Since you plan for one-day fishing, I would suggest that you hire a fishing guide with a boat or just go to the piers or beaches near your hotel to try your luck.
    October is striper season in NY and NJ. Good luck.