Sunday, April 14, 2013

Little Neck Bay ( Ⅵ ) The season is in full swing now.

I fished the east side of the Bay yesterday.
It was one of my most productive days as I caught seven schoolies ranging from 13-inch to 24-inch in 2 hours.

But today I fished the west side of the Bay.
I caught three schoolies in 3 hours.
I would say I was the luckiest among about 10 fishermen fishing around me, though I caught only three.

I give credits to my tackles for such good fortune.
The combination of my 5-inch bunker tied with SF flash blend and my 16-foot, 12-weight two-handed rod with 21-foot, 700 grains sinking shooting head line work extremely well.
I can deliver the fly over 30 yards away with only one swing of the rod  and retrieve the line in quick succession like lure fishermen do.

Now I hope I may catch a keeper in the remaining days of the early striper season of the Bay.


  1. nice! that's a beautiful healthy looking striper.