Monday, April 22, 2013

Little Neck Bay(Ⅶ)bunker fly

Last week I fished the Bay intensively
- Thursday evening, Saturday morning and evening, and Sunday morning -
trying to catch a keeper, but I got only several schoolies.
I am a little bit tired of catching schoolies.
Well, maybe I will try my luck night fishing.

I met an acquaintance, who told me two weeks ago bunkers were in the Bay and he caught two keepers with his fly rod.

I think that was the day 3~4 lure fishermen near me caught large stripers one after the other, but I got none, not even one bite.   I assumed that my small silver- side flies didn't get the fish's attention. Since then I have been using bunker flies, regardless bunkers being in the Bay or not, for their larger profiles. I have caught more fish.

 I don't mean to say larger flies catch more fish, but they work for me so far.

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