Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little Neck Bay(Ⅷ) night fishing

I tried night fishing for 2-3 hours three times last week in the Bay.
I got only a tiny schoolie in the third night.

I fished two nights in the east side of the Bay at the same spot.
In both nights one lure fisherman took his same spot on my right hand side.
He caught a large striper in the second night.
It is obvious that large fish were there, but I couldn't catch them.
The lure fisherman reeled slowly most of the time and changed lures often.
I used the heavy sinking shooting head at all time, so that I could cast the large fly in farther distance.
It seems I have this obsession to use large flies once I have seen bunkers in the Bay.  Last year I saw large bunkers jumping in the Bay as if they were trying to escape from large stripers' pursue.  I have tied large bunker flies to entice these large stripers.
The heavy sinking line requires constant fast retrieve, otherwise the fly will sink and snag the bottom.
Unfortunately this approach has not worked much so far for night fishing in the Bay.

If I go night fishing next time, I'd better have more variety of flies and use intermediate line so I can retrieve with various speed.  


  1. That sounds like a good plan, good luck out there, seems like some nice fish are showing up in our area.

  2. Thanks for your comment always.
    Yeah, they are lining up there now.
    I like to try again soon. Tight line!

  3. Where do you get your flies from pls. I love your pictures and articles Thankyou

  4. Hi Rajiv, Thanks. I like to tie flies. It is part of the joy of fly fishing. Tight line.