Monday, May 13, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in Carmans River, Long Island, NY

It was my first time to fish in Carmans River, Long Island yesterday.  I wanted to see if this river is good for tenkara fishing.
It would be nice to have a small stream for tenkara fishing near my home.
I paid 3 bucks at the Southhaven County Park boat rental office for one-day fishing in Carmans River
I checked out all access points along River Road in the east side of the River.
The River and the natural environment are nice and well preserved, except one can hear gun shots all the time.

The Carmans River inside the park is a shallow spring creek with a lot of water weed.  It is good for light tackle fishing, like tenkara.
But I didn't see any fish.
I was able to find a rise below the Lower Dam
outside the park and caught a tiny sunfish, the only fish of yesterday.
I fished there around noon time.  I guess the timing was not right. Probably in the early morning or evening would be a better time for fishing.

Hopefully I will have more luck next time.  



  1. Supposedly there are some native brookies there as well. Looks like a really interesting place to fish.

  2. Hi, the river is beautiful.