Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sandy Hook, NJ

I fished at the tip of Sandy Hook, NJ yesterday from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm except 2 hours lunch break.
This was my first outing of the season there since two years ago.
I expected some shoreline changes caused by super storm Sandy, but it looked almost the same as before.

High tide came at 2:45 pm.
There was not much action until 4 o'clock.
When fishermen started catching fish one by one at the corner of the tip,
fishermen fishing in somewhere else immediately rushed to the tip.
As more fish came, the tip became more crowded.  Fishermen of all kinds, from the fully equipped surf casters to young guys with 30 bucks Sport Authority's tackle sets, women, the young and the old were there.  Such a festive atmosphere!
Everybody was busy catching fish.
Most were blue fish.
Some even caught fish in almost every cast.
I fished at a spot a little bit away from the crowd because my long rod and line might endanger other fishermen.
Though I wasn't at the best spot, I caught many blues.

The blue fish seemed to be eating peanut bunkers.  
I picked one up from the water to confirm.
My bunker pattern flies worked well, but I lost many of them due to these toothy fish.

Although there were no obvious signs of fish presence yesterday, such as the blitz and many birds activities, blue fish from small to medium crowded along the shore at the tip of the Hook. Everybody enjoyed a day of fishing.

In my Sandy Hook fishing experience, yesterday was one of the most fantastic days.


  1. Nice, haven't been down that way since the fall. Great spot, but can get crowded. Bluefish are always fun on the fly! looks like you had a great day

  2. Hi, I enjoy fishing the blues. The Hook seldom disappoints me, though it gets quite crowded sometimes.