Monday, May 27, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in West Branch of Croton River, NY

I fished with a tenkara rod in the West Branch of Croton above Croton Falls Reservoir yesterday.
It was my first time fishing there.

I carefully casted my fly to each pocket of water, and then I walked upstream to the next pocket.
While I was stepping into the pocket I had just fished, sometimes I saw a fish running away from that pocket. I haven't done this type of small stream fishing for a long time since I have got into the dry fly fishing of matching the hatch.
After fishing about 200 yards of the stream for 2 hours, I caught three tiny browns.
My legs were a little tired because of difficulty walking on this stream bottom with large scattered stones.
I was just satisfied with my catch.

I broke my tankara rod tip 3 weeks ago.
I fixed it by just glueing the lillian to the remaining tip section.
The repaired rod didn't give me any problem. 


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