Monday, June 3, 2013

Democrat Point, Robert Moses State Park, Long Island

I fished in Fire Island inlet from Democrat Point side of Robert Moses State Park from early morning till 10am yesterday.
It was only the second time I fished there.
I got nothing. I need to learn more about this area.

Democrat Point looks wilder and larger than Breezy Point where I usually fish at this time of the season, but it is still close due to damage caused by Super Storm Sandy.
Therefore instead of getting a 4WD permit for Breezy Point, I got one for Robert Moses.
At Robert Moses, I saw many fishermen camping with their RVs on the beach.
I guess that's the way to do surf fishing by enthusiasts.

When I was leaving, I encountered a couple of foxes, probably a mother and a child.
They weren't really afraid of people.
I could enjoy watching their intimate time together at a close distance. 


  1. I've walked to the point from the parking lot many times, exhausting! It's always been a hit or miss there, but its a beautiful area.

  2. Thanks always. It is very nice to fish in such a beautiful place,
    though it is a bit challenging. I have just come back from a four-day fishing trip in the Catskills. I'll write about it later.