Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in the Catskills Mountains

I fished the upper section of Vernooy Kill in the Catskills yesterday.  It was further upstream than where I fished last week.
I caught several brookies.
It seems only brookies in this upper section of the stream.

Then I visited Rondout Creek above Rondout  Reservoir in the evening.
As I didn't see any public access outside the state forest, I guessed only inside the state forest section of the Creek I could fish.
In most cases the road runs along the Creek in this section.  I looked down from the road to see any good pocket of water possibly holding some fish, but there were only few.
The Creek is basically a fast shallow water, average about 25-foot in width, in the bottom of a steep valley.
I caught only one beautiful 12-inch wild brown in a rare good spot.

For tenkara casting, I feel comfortable in the Rondout Creek because of its wide width.
As a small mountain stream, some good fishing spots of Vernooy Kill are covered with trees.
Even though this makes tenkara casting difficult, they are too good to be bypassed.
I would like to try a shorter line for these types of spots in my next tenkara outing and see how it works.        
The upper Rondout Creek 

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