Monday, June 24, 2013

Tenkara Fishing In Croton, NY (Ⅱ)

I fished the West Branch of Croton with my wife yesterday.
It was her first time to fish pockets of water one by one while walking upstream of this type of small stream.
She caught a beautiful brookie, her first fish of the season.
I also caught a small brown, but no more fish was caught by us.
We fished for about two hours,  then we saw a  fisherman coming down from upstream. He must have fished these pockets of water before us.
We thought we had better moved to the East Branch instead of going further upstream.

The flow of the East Branch was very high.
But I managed to catch a few browns and rainbows.

The long tenkara rod is good for heavily weighted nymph to fish the bottom of the fast water.
It is like "dipping the fly" although Tenkara USA advertisement says: "Tenkara is not dipping".


  1. Thanks for your report. I have fished the W. Branch a lot and have never caught a brookie there, although I have always thought there should be some. Congratulations to you wife!

  2. Thanks for your note. Probably it was her beginner's luck. I caught a brookie in Croton Falls Outlet near the dam a long time ago too.