Monday, July 1, 2013

Tenkara Fishing in Croton, NY(Ⅲ)

My wife and I went to the West Branch of Croton again yesterday and wanted to continue fishing upstream from where we left last week.
I had another reason to go there.  I might have lost a stack of tippet spools there.  I wanted to look for it.
When we arrived, we saw four spin fishermen ahead of us.
We had no choice but to go somewhere else fishing.
Before we left, we had made a quick search for the stack but didn't find it.
The next possible place where I might have lost the tippets was somewhere near the Bath Tub Pool of the East Branch. The Pool was the last place we fished last week.  However, the tippets were nowhere to be found.

The water level of the East Branch remained high.
A fisherman was fishing in the Bath Tub Pool.  So we started fishing on the other side of the Pool.
Not long after, he left.  We had the Pool all for ourselves.
The trees along the bank of the Pool had been cut down earlier this year.
Fishermen can now cast a fly or tenkara line from the banks.

We simply enjoyed casting our tenkara lines without much worry about back space and caught many good size browns and rainbows.
We also fished a little upstream from the Bath Tub Pool. This high water level has created all kinds of currents both in the Pool and a little upstream:  rapids, deep and small plunge pools, fast and slow channels.  Each of them holds fish.

When it was still early evening, my wife said to me, " I have fished enough today."
We left the East Branch with lots of joy even without finding our tippets.