Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tenkara Fishing - Exploring New Mountain Streams in the Catskills, NY

I have been searching fishable small streams in the Catskills by Google map. I pick out two mountain streams as their upstream sections flow in the public land and long enough for gathering good amount of water from the mountain slope.  

Yesterday I explored these two unknown streams.
One stream is not reachable because the road to it is private.
The other one is good. Beyond the end of the road is public.    

I fished about half mile of this stream. All the fish I caught were browns and their sizes were similar to the one in the picture above, except the one in the picture below which was about 10 inches. The parr marks on their bodies reminded me Japanese trout called "yamame".

Because all the fish I caught were browns, I guess brookies might be living further upstream.

I caught the largest wild brown shown below in this mossy plunge pool.


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