Monday, June 16, 2014

The Day of Doubleheader - Surf Fly Fishing and Stream Tenkara Fishing

Since mid-May, I have been fishing in Robert Moses along the beach on the ocean side. In all my outings,
I got a few schoolies in one morning only.
Again Saturday I was skunked.

Later I drove to the Croton Watershed for fishing spots hopping.
In Amawalk I caught several beautiful small browns.  

After checking out some other favorite spots, I got to the pool in the East Branch where I had a good time last weekend, but a fisherman was fishing there. So I fished the rapid in the upstream of the pool with tenkara wet flies.
I caught several nice browns and rainbows. In contrast to the dry flies, catching them with the tenkara wet flies made me feel really like a traditional style tenkara fisherman fishing the mountain stream in Japan. It was a lucky day for me.

In Saturday's tenkara fishing, I saw sulphur in every spot I visited.  In the afternoon, in one stretch of the upstream of the East Branch, light cahill, caddis and many other insects were also hatching.
A lot of small birds were busy flying back and forth catching insects. They caught almost all insects in the air and on the water.  It seemed the trouts couldn't get a chance to rise for them. It is interesting to think whether it was a good day or not for dry fly fishing - there were an abundant of insects, but the trouts couldn't taste them.

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