Monday, September 8, 2014

Tenkara Fishing In Croton Falls Outlet

My wife and I went to the Croton Falls Outlet for tenkara fishing again.  We hoped to have a good time like last weekend.
We were quite well prepared this time.  We carried our whole sets of fly boxes.

The water was still murky. We fished in the small pool where I caught several fishes last weekend. This pool was very productive. Fish were rising in the morning, and after the severe noon time thunder storm, they were rising again.  Just before the late afternoon thunder storm, I caught a 14-inch brownie.  Then we were forced to take our leave.

The fish seemed eating spent caddis,  Anyway they were not picky.
We caught fishes with different kinds of flies which were similar sizes and colors of the spent caddis.

I've been fishing with the tenkara rods for two seasons.  In a small stream like the Croton Falls Outlet, I can control the flies easier with tenkara rods than fly rods whether I am midging, nymphing or dry fly fishing.

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