Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tenkara Fishing Trip to the Catskills and Croton Watershed in Labor Day Weekend


I was eager to show my wife the beautiful streams and ponds in the Catskills Mountains where I had explored earlier.

First we visited West Kill in the Hunter Mountain region.
Unfortunately construction has been going on in the lower section of the stream. The water flow is redirected into a metal pipe and causes no water flow in this section.
However we were still able to fish the public fishing stretch in the middle section of the stream.

We each caught a small brookie though the water level was quite low in the late summer as now.

I think West Kill's wide open bank and many nice plunge pools make it one of the most tenkara friendly good brookie stream when there is more water in spring time.

In the afternoon we fished the mountain pond where I caught many brookies three weeks ago.
In the beginning we used dry flies and caught many 3-5 inches brookies.
When they seemed getting tired of dry flies, we used bead head tenkara flies with twitching movement.
These inexperienced brookies just could not resist them. We were catching 6-inch brookies one after the other till almost all brookies in this pond I guessed got some painful lessons.  


Labor Day:      

We went to Amawalk Outlet in the morning.
The stream condition looked good, but there was not much action. It seemed not many fish were in the stream.

In the afternoon we fished the West Branch of the Croton Outlet. Although the water was murky, some fish were rising and we caught a few.

In the early evening the fish were rising left and right.
My wife said, " It is once in a life time opportunity in this water."
I couldn't figure out what they were eating, only later did I find out it was tiny black ants when I saw a lot of them on the water.

Being lightly equipped for tenkara fishing, we carried only several kinds of flies. Even with these limited supply and without the right size ant, we caught several of those nice rising trouts between 12 to 14 inches.

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